I always comfort myself that having 5-day-weeks this semester is for the greater good when I can slack a little more for the following few semesters. If I’m not wrong, out of the 4 semesters so far, I have 5-day-weeks for 2 of them. Hopefully, i shall be more slack for the final 4 more semesters.

For now, I have tonnes of things to complete (just school stuff…)

  1. 254 quiz 1
  2. nanyang spectrum episode 1 post production…heavy heavy…
  3. 227 treament script
  4. ic0102 website design + essay
  5. mb107 tutorials
  6. a ton of revision to do

Despite that, I still feel much more relaxed as compared to the previous semester with 225 messing up my life. 🙂 And oh yea, take 227 before 225, things will be much easier for you that way. And here am I, stuck in wkwsci again on a Friday waiting for the lone (boring yet useful) mb107 later. And to make things worse, there is no sandwich smell today…SOMEONE, please go buy the ham/cheese thingy from the paparazzi peeps. 🙂 And SOMEONE, please make it snow in wkwsci…like….now…


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