cycling can be therapeutic

I think that this post has the longest title. ever.

Cycled about 15km today. All by myself. Need some time by myself, to pull myself away from the troubles of the world and studies too. Had a great hour or so peddling around East Coast, taking in the sights, and getting a slight tan in the process. The weather was great @ 11am. Cycled past kids, families, bbq-ing people, skiers, etc. It was so therapeutic man, can’t describe the feeling at all. Experience it yourself and you will know what I felt 7 hours ago. I am sure that I will be doing this more consistently from now on. Sundays @ 11am.

One thing I learnt from this escapade, apart from the fact that cycling can be therapeutic, is that roadhoggers wannabe start from the age of 6. Even @ ECP, people on blades/bicycles roadhog like crazy. They occupy the entire path as though it is owned by their grandpa or something. Well, maybe that’s true, but please keep to the left if you wanna sashay and show off your ability to balance on the bicycle at that slow speed.

Haha, but I didn’t let that bother me…I wished I was in those clouds right now, playing with fluffy balls of water vapour. *remembers the snowing video* *snaps out of it* I shall now introduce my trusty 5-year-old? bike. Not one breakdown ever since the purchase. But it’s getting old. A ball bearing just ‘snapped’ recently, every time i peddle, there is this ‘jik ‘jik’ sound. irritating. 🙂 Will spend 40 bucks soon to get that replaced…


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