leave the fast lanes alone

I wished I had an old car (or maybe a bulldozer) that can sideswipe those roadhoggers out of the way. I don’t wanna be mean here, but after so many instances of heavy vehicles hogging so many lanes, I am getting quite pissed. What is worse is that tp is not really doing anything at all. They are getting bolder.

Think about it. Every single time you travel on the PIE (during normal waking hours), you would have noticed that certain sections of the PIE will always have slow traffic. For example, the section before Clementi is always slow. And do you know why? Heavy vehicles start to filter towards the exit on the right. So just based on deduction, traffic slows down because heavy vehicles start occupying every single lane. The section from Jalan Bahar onwards is always jammed too. You just see, on a typical day, HOW MANY lorries/trucks/etc/etc/etc start to occupy ALL the lanes. Also, everytime there is a situation of ‘heavy traffic’ on any of our expressways, take note of the speed you travel at. For most of the time, it is at 60-70km/h. Go figure out why.

4 simple reasons. The speed difference (60 for heavy vehicles & 70 for light goods vehicle) causes this problem. 2nd = some keep to the limit, whilst many others speed. I will not go into the details as this 2 reasons are quite self-explanatory..3rd = Foreigners do not know the rules or do not care about the rules. 4th = car drivers do not do anything to express their displeasure. If they are blocking you, do something to get them out of the way. As simple as that.


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