ee8092 digital lifestyle and ee8084 cyber security (evaluation)

My goodness. I have noticed this trend during the add/drop period. The trend being people searching for “ee8084 ntu” or “ee8092 ntu”. And those people increase traffic to this blog quite significantly. I think I shall dedicate a post for the two EEs that I took previously to attempt to answer a few questions, and to (hopefully) relieve your fears about the course.

ee8092 – digital lifestyle. For me, I feel that this course is a must-take course if you have knowledge about mobile phones, GSM networks, PDAs, smartphones, desktop computers, laptop computers, properties of sound, sound file formats (mp3, etc), a little physics, and hopefully, a brain full of memory storage capacities. HAHA. But please dun be scared. The course is seriously not that hard. MCQs for the 2 quizzes, and MCQs + (not so) short answer questions for the 50%-weighted exams. 🙂 However, if you do not have background in these topics, pls be prepared to utilise more memory space in your brain as some questions require simple regurgitation of concepts. No maths problems were given during my time that is. The quizzes are simple, but please do not be over-confident. Read the lecture notes thoroughly and do not get tricked by the confusing phrasal qualities of the questions. Choose the BEST answer and the answer that is in the lecture notes. DO NOT use common sense. I tried that and I got quite low marks for the 1st quiz. TRY to attend all lectures and 2 of the 3 lecturers will give valuable hints; hints that will enable you to spare some memory space for your more important CORES.

ee8084 – cyber security. If you compare this to ee8092, I will definitely advise you to take on ee8092 instead. ee8084 has 1 project work of 4-5 members that has a weightage of 50%. This project will make or break your marks, as the exams are just for you to vomit out concepts again. However, the exam requires simple mathematical calculations too. But thankfully, the formulas are provided in a separate sheet of paper during the examinations. The group work is quite fun as you can make new friends, and do research on a technological topic that is relevant in today’s society. Yes yes, it will take up a lot of time, but it is quite fulfilling especially if you have enthusiastic group members… That said, the exams questions are not straightforward, and you will need to do some interpretation, double/triple reading, before you can understand the question. Lastly, if you got an S/U option leftover, please use it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “ee8092 digital lifestyle and ee8084 cyber security (evaluation)

  1. i feel obliged to comment too lol.

    yes ee8084 cybersecurity, the group work is really own time own target kind, so it really isn’t too hard if u can get enthusiastic groupies, sit down to run through the general concept together and split sections to do it thereafter =) the exams really aint too bad if u can set some time to run through the lecture notes too.

    jiayou to all the mugging peeps!

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