1st week of school.

I am stuck at home, once again, choosing not to go out to have fun with my family, all because of readings, readings log (weekly reaction posts), and blah blah. Haiz, I just can’t switch my mind to the ‘studying’ mode yet. I wanna go buy stuff at the grocery warehouse man. I am stuck at home. But I know that I need to do it right…for once…this semester…

1st week of school was still alright without any tutorials and their related assignments jamming up my timetable. Had like 5 lectures all in all for this week. 223. 227. 254. ic0102. ic0204. mb107. And maybe TV Pract (264), depending on whether the instructor can change the timeslot to wednesday. 6 subjects all in all. Tell me that I am not mad once again.

1st week of school and I have 100 over pages of readings to do already, and not just readings, I still have to summarise it. Yea, the summaries really do push students to read the readings…Went through it with 253 cinema studies, and benefitted from it. The previous semester I had 1 course that pushed for summaries. This semester, I have 2 courses that are asking us to produce summaries. WOOO!

What is worse is that for the previous semester I could have the Fridays (because I had a 4-day week) to complete 253’s summaries, whilst for this sem, I have a longish 5-day week. So now, my saturdays mornings are now gone….hur hurrrrrrr

Now that’s why I am stuck at home at this hour.


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