post exam activities

The feeling stays about the same before and after 12mn in between 29th and 30th december. After the initial shout of joy and exclamation, the excitement surprisingly died down. God, I seriously now believe how You are working in me and my life. A few instances of getting the best grade for the weaker subjects and lousy grades for the subjects that I have more confidence in. A levels, Uni semesters, etc. No one else does it but You.

Okay. GPA didn’t increase……GPA didn’t drop also….I guess the hint is quite obvious. Silly COM255, u pulled me down….but I shall be thankful for the rest of the grades. (although a 4.8 sounds good…haiz). haha.

This december holiday is not really a holiday…it was and is just a month for me to catch up on housework, shopping for clothes, earning some pocket money, socialising, meeting up with close friends, realigning myself with God, did many recommitments and stuff…all in a month. I am drained. totally. I think the tiredness must have gotten to me, and somewhat reduced my initial excitement after the results. All the worrying (still a human being).

Some have gone, some are still in Singapore, more will go. INSTEP:Singapore, stick together man. I am looking forward for a new school term. missing wkwsci (but am totally not missing pulau ntu, boonlay, long journeys, late nights, countless assignments and projects, and the list goes on). 🙂

Shall be nice and go to sleep early…..i.e. after America’s Got Talent.


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