exams are over

haha. this post is a little lag..but who cares. no datelines for now, at least, and there is no compulsion to add post counts anyway. wahaha. The feeling I have of not going to school is a mixed one. There was at least 1 day when I woke up feeling so down, thinking that I have a paper, and then it struck me that it was actually the holidays. These withdrawal symptoms are so scary. 🙂 haha

Okay, apart from going back to work to help out, and earn some pocket money at the same time, this month is going to be full of meeting-ups, get-togethers, dinner-‘dates’, etc. This month, i promise, will be a month where I won’t lock myself at home. This shall be a month when i try to go for all activities whenever I can.

and first on the list was the ‘cheapest post-exam activity’.

Gathered with a small group of what’s left of the ravis (today = 4 including me). 🙂 Anyways, it was a great time to catch up after the exams again, without the stress of school. Botak Jones is just a few blocks away from me, but I had to make a trip all the way to AMK’s one, so that I won’t PS 😛 Out of the countless gatherings, I only went for 2, and this is the 2nd one. wahaha. I shall be secretly proud of myself for not PS-ing this time round. 🙂 Thanks guys and gals for the invitation. 🙂 Glad I took myself out of the workplace/home and got down to having a little get-together. It was fulfilling.

Back home now, getting ready to plan stars correctly…”STARS and crescent, please shine on me, turning out hopes into reality”


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