com253 exams

5 down. 1 more paper. 1 more day to the holidays. This deserves a small woohoo.
Nice. The skies opened after our paper (257 and 253) ended. Drove through rain that lower visibility to 10m. Had fun zooming through huge puddles. Arrived at dad’s company waiting for him to eat dinner together.
Nice. Cinema Studies is over. A huge hint for those who is planning to take this the next semester. Do the study questions. They help. COM253 was alright, I don’t think I will get an A for this paper, but shall leave it to ST and God. I provided the best answer I could during the limited 2 hours given. Shall not speculate anymore, cause me just wanna concentrate on tmr’s paper, and finish my exams on a good note.
You ask me whether I would choose this course if I had another chance. I would. This course really opened my mind to the entire realm of film and their related issues. Despite the tough workload and the long hours researching, it was worth it as the points are all engraved inside me now. I just wish that through the online feedback given, the school will restructure this course to be less taxing during term time. Too much time spent researching for 253 reduces time for other subjects.
Shall huddle in this corner of the cafeteria and go back to work. For those who are done with exams, WHEEE!, have fun with the month of holidays (especially for those sg-eans)

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