COM225 and HG803 exams

Woohoo. 2 papers in one day, and now I have just 3 more out of the 6 left for semester 2. Wonderful wonderful feeling.

com225 was alright. The questions were fine, direct and easy to answer. However, the first two questions stumped me terribly. During the review lecture, he said that ‘editing’ wasn’t important. So wrong so wrong. The first 2 questions were about editing lor. What nonsense right?  From now on, I shall not believe any hints any lecturer give. I don’t understand the rationale of giving hints and not following it. com207 is another one. He said this and that were important, and I took much effort to prepare in advance. However, those hints didn’t lead anywhere for the exams. I also heard that 401-ers also got tricked. What is their rational….haiz.

At the end of 225, he gave us back our scripts and the grades for the final assessment. Though I am still not quite satisfied with the results we got, I am happy that he noted our improvement and encouraged us with his comments and advice. I am quite thankful for that. Despite that, what else I can say about ISPgroup02 man. What else what else. All my feelings are hidden inside my heart and head now, and all I can say is Thank you for the memories, memories that will last a lifetime, way way longer than the 4 years we have in school. Fun, laughter, peace and joy. We transcended that. 🙂

now about hg803. My first paper this semester that I am actually quite confident about. I shall quote Bond. “Those who SU will regret their decision after taking the paper”. and for now (til the results), the statement reflects my current mood. I am really glad I didn’t su it. 🙂

3 more subjects and 6 more days to go. can’t wait can’t wait


5 thoughts on “COM225 and HG803 exams

  1. Hi there,
    I was googling hg803 and I found your site. Would appreciate if you could offer me some advice. Please SMS me at 98587709. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I was browsing google and i saw ur wonderful site, can u advice me on the course HG 803, cos i need to add an elective to my Timetable, would greatly appreciate if you can help me in this urgent case.

    • Lecture’s quite dry because of the content being taught. The lecturer is passionate about the subject, but needs to present his content more energetically. 🙂

      I don’t remember tackling any project work then. However, there is an assignment and a mid-term quiz (20% each), with the exams (MCQ and short-answers) taking up 60% during my time.

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