a few more hours left to com225 and baya’s tweet summarised our views.

“okay, why am i feeling lazy to study 225? oh because 207 is over”

and then I thought of a silly reply that I just have to document. 😛 (more descriptive as compared to the original reply)

In a simple narrative, a protagonist has to make small little decisions to reach his/her goal. These small little ‘beats’ of a scene has a major cause/effect event. Thus, this rule has to apply to us protagonists in our own right in com225. We have to make small small little decisions to overcome this major obstacle to finally reach our goal at 11am tmr. This important decision to press on studying will ensure that we fulfil the requirements of a simple narrative structure, and achieve closure and resolution, after a rather tiring journey through 225. We definitely have grown through the process through external conflicts and internal ones within us too. Some conflicts were solved during the journey, and some have yet to be achieved.

This combination of a simple narrative structure, together with the minimalist one sums up the complex life of a 225-er.

Onward Exams……

Maybe we shall treat ourselves by adding Chiaroscuro, Atmosphere, Notan and Silhouette. We can try to sing High Key or Low Key, or try it Hard or Soft. Finally, let’s compose ourselves by following the Rules of 3rds, Diagonals, Perspectives and Triangles. Don’t frame ourselves by Screen Space, Head/Nose/Lead Room and Symmetrical/Asymmetrical.


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