COM207 exams

1 down. 5 to go. 8 more days to freedom.

Okay, 207 was bad, terribly bad somewhat, to an extent. Not that I couldn’t do the questions, but that I didn’t have enough time to arrange my ideas and structure my arguments coherently. 2 hours just flew by like that. Hopefully, the marker will understand what I am trying to write (crap) about. Praying that the points I wrote down are succinct enough to secure precious marks needed.

Thank you all for the little inputs about 207, hints, study questions discussed and stuff. It really helped somewhat. I would have expected him to test on palimpsest, on why schramm is not the founder, on who did applied studies and why, on who was affected by world war and nazism. All the questions I spotted didn’t come out. WHY? haha. because Dr. D decided that for this exam, he should come up with basic theoretical regurgitation. No funny discussion questions, no weird Nobel Price statements. 🙂 Just plain concepts. This format should be easier, but sadly, we prepared wrongly. 🙂

Nvm, next’s up. COM225 and HG803, both tmr. and oh yea, before I forget, this is a compilation of studies/theories covered in 207. And this my friends, is just like one-eighths of concepts and knowledge learnt. Enjoy.

Theories formulated by scholars

  • Exhaustive list of all the theories formulated
    • Darwin – Theory of Evolution
    • Freud – Psychoanalytic Theory
    • Palo Alto Group – Interactionist Communication
    • Marx – Marxist Theory
    • Frankfurt School – Critical Theory
    • Unknown – Stimulus-Response Model
    • Dewey – Stimulus-Interpretation-Response Model
    • Mead – Symbolic Interactionism
    • Lasswell – 5-question model
    • Lippmann – Agenda Setting
    • Unknown – Bullet Theory
    • Lazarsfeld – 2-step flow
    • Herzog – Uses and Gratifications
    • Lewin – Field Theory
    • Lewin – Theory of Group Dynamics
    • Lewin – 3-step Model of Behaviour Change
    • Festinger – Cognitive Dissonance
    • Unknown – Hierarchy of Effects
    • Hovland – Message Learning Approach
    • Wiener – Cybernetic Theory
    • Unknown – Systems Theory
    • Shannon – Information Theory
    • Unknown – Technological Determinism

Studies undertaken by scholars

    • Exhaustive list of all the studies learnt
      • Darwin – Voyage of the Beagle – Theory of Evolution
      • Palo Alto – Interaction/Interpersonal Communication
      • Frankfurt School (Critical School) – ‘The Authoritarian Personality’
      • Wundt – Physiological Responses Study
      • Park – Human Ecology @ Chicago
      • Park – ‘Immigration Press and its Control’ @ Chicago
      • Blumer – Payne Fund Studies @ Chicago
      • Lasswell – Creel Committe WW1 Study
      • Lasswell – WW2 War-time Communications Project
      • Lippmann – Public Opinion’s Pictures in our Heads
      • Lazarsfeld – Marienthal Study of Unemployment
      • Lazarsfeld – Radio Research Project (+ Cantril + Stanton)
      • Cantril – ‘Invasion from Mars’ Study
      • Lazarsfeld – Erie County Study
      • Lazarsfeld – Decatur Study of Personal Influence
      • Herzog – Radio Serials Study
      • Lewin – Leadership Styles Study (+ Lippitt)
      • Lewin – Sweetbread Study
      • Festinger – Westgate Study of Communication Networks
      • Hovland – ‘Why We Fight’ Film Series Study
      • Wiener – “Yellow Peril” WW2 study of accuracy of AA guns
      • Shannon – WW2 study of accuracy of AA guns
      • Shannon – Cryptography

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