2 more days

2 more days to the 1st paper. 10 more days to a month of ‘rest’ (at least from studying). 979 days to working life.

What a hectic day. So much information going into my system, that I don’t even know how much of it I can absorb. Blumer here, Schramm there, agenda setting here, 2-step flow there, Chicago here, Germany there, and blah blah. I do not hate this course, I do not really hate the subjects being taught, but I detest having to take 6 subjects almost every semester until year 4. The amount of extra-curricular work (readings, assignments, tutorials) assigned by the 6 subjects this semester were so terrible that I have no time to do any  summary during the semester itself. Cramming everything into my head now is not a very good idea. I pray that the Zeguimek effect will work. 😛

Or maybe 5 subjects would suffice next semester?

What a nice weather outside, with Genting-like low-lying clouds surrounding me, I am stuck in front of my laptop sucking in information like a half-wet sponge. Just 2 more days to the end of history for this semester. Be gone.


2 thoughts on “2 more days

  1. actually it really depends what modules you take ah. i’m taking 5 this sem and it still felt like every other sem. ohmygosh wanna die! i believe 207 would be enjoyable if we had an entire year/2 years for it, like a levels.

  2. if I had taken 5 this semester, it will still be alot for one semester. 6 is a killer.

    yea. i totally agree with you on the compactness of the entire semester. something must change.

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