STOMPers, get a life. Seeing how you people comment on a random post by others like an “atas” (social) scientist make me puke. The kind of generalisations you make will cause Wilbur Schramm to turn in his grave. The kind of assumptions you use will trump Lazarsfeld. I am so surprised how low Singaporeans will go to blur the line between right and right.

A lot of comments were directed at how the plates and the cup got into the mailbox. Some even gave amusing speculations how those stuff got in? “My letterbox is faulty…” (quote). I will not know whether his/her mailbox is really faulty or he/she sabo-ed the neighbour. But, it is written there clearly, there is no need for your ‘scientific’ analysis on why the plates are inside.

I am assumed at how a particular comment poster assumed that the contributor of this post is Chinese, and the contributor also burns stuff at funerals. I wonder. Do they have omniscient cameras to check that out? Do you even realise that not ALL chinese in Singapore burn stuff at funerals.

However, littering is a crime. DUH! But things can be worked out amicably between neighbours too. They were just having a joyous celebration, and things would be solved much quicker if both sides co-operated.

Advice: Check your facts before commenting. READ THROUGH the entire article before jabbing at the keyboard

The Post here. (I am NOT the one who submitted the article. I just read through the comments, and got disgusted)


2 thoughts on “STOMPers

  1. i feel so ashamed for them after reading the poorly written article, as well as the comments after it. but the biggest problem that i have with the entire thing is the fact that people feel they HAVE to type in absolutely horrible SINGLISH, either that, or Singapore really has an abysmal standard in English.

    i cringed and cringed with each post i read argh. there’s a reason why i avoid STOMP.

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