2nd day down, and I dunwant to study anymore. I think you should know that feeling. Having a study break is good, but it gets really tiring, and you want this entire semester to be over and done with. But what to do? There is nothing I can change. NTU’s exams are going to end really late this semesters, and for the semesters to come, all because of the YOG events taking place next year. I will just have to play my part as a student and fulfil my responsibilities lor.

2nd day of the study week, 2 subjects summarised and revised once through. COM207, COM225 and COM253 are the leftovers. But these 3 subjects are the killers man. 207 is just memorising, but COM225 and 253 are not studying subjects lor. Knowledge learnt in those should be non examinable. HAIZ.

But still here am I, tied to this education system. But I shall aim to maintain the standards. I shall not give in to distractions, however hard it may be. I put in my best, God you do the rest.

I shall take an hour’s break, before continuing with studies. no life.


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