a little breather

This week when lectures and tutorials start scaling back, I am able to breathe easier (somewhat). With more time to rest, and really start revising the subjects, I feel a little better. However, 225 still is cutting my oxygen supply. The amount of work to get ready for the final submission is still maddening. I know it is 35% of my grade, but the extended stress level is not helping anyone. Film making has always been fun for me, but this process is really making me reconsider my options. Is it me or it is the syllabus, or the education system that makes people conform to a certain standard? Isn’t an Arts education supposed to encourage creativity? Maybe I should live with a skewed definition of arts. I see people around me crumbling because of the pressure of datelines especially. Datelines that are enforced (somewhat unreasonably) choke us and our creative thinking process. We got other subjects to balance too man. If I just take a film making module alone in a semester…..Anyway, I redeclared my concentration. hoepfully it turns out well.

okay, enough of Ifs and hypothetical situations. I really hope that I can salvage this semester. So many distractions pull me away from proper studies. And unfortunately, those distractions come from the courses this semester. I pray that my GPA won’t drop too much this semester. I know that grades aren’t everything, but still, in Singapore, it is still a recognised measure.

No additional huge hongbao, quite sad. But thankfully, I still got a little pocket money. Shall try again next year then. For now, I shall be staring at books, notes and what-nots, so do pardon me if I am like disconnected from you…til we meet again.


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