you bring out the ‘best’ in me

you bring out the (best & worse) in me, like no one else can do, that’s why I’m by your side , that’s why I (love & hate) you. and you being 225.

I have a love-hate relationship with 225.

I love the excitement, the whole filming process, the friendships we formed, the experience we gain. I love the time spent together. I love so many other things that I can’t describe.

I hate the tight datelines, I hate inconveniencing people, I hate not paying our actors, I hate the feeling when people sacrifice so much for our production, I hate lots more stuff, but I can’t recall it now. Oh yes, I hate the camera. I hate manual focus. I hate the weight of the camera.

I shall dedicate a full post for the thank yous. but for now, I shall go back to lecture now.


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