Techie junkie

What is so wrong in being trained technically, and using technical skills to give back to society? Are technical-able people really looked down upon in society, and companies? Does knowing a lot, technically, make you a technician? What’s with the stereotypical argument these days? What exactly is wrong when someone is interested in the technicalities and background details of a particular equipment or procedure?

Knowing the background processes of something actually helps. A technically-inclined and informed person will be able to understand why something is happening that way. Knowing the intrinsic details behind something will actually aid you as a leader to fully understand the team under you. Being a director, it is always good to know the situations that video/sound editors, boom operators, scriptwriters go through. If you do not, you will not be respected as you will tend to have unrealistic goals.

It is always good to get a foundation in the ‘technical’ aspects first. So please, can I not have any more questions regarding this issue of me being so involved in techie stuff? Thanks.

A example: If i wanna join sbs, I wouldn’t mind working as a bus driver/technician for a while to fully understand their situation and the various models of buses, etc. I will want to understand the entire process, and be in their shoes. THEN, i will know how to formulate excellent policies that also takes into account the needs of bus drivers and technicians. And who is to say that bus drivers/bus technicians are lowly jobs. Without them, you wouldn’t even have public transport.


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