The price is (not) right

24.61 is cheap, but if you wanna keep 2 boxes, it is still 24.61 too expensive.

You say you cut the costs. Sorry, I don’t buy that. Unless both have the exact same selection of channels, the overall costs have just gone up, up, up. Also, will you keep it at 24.61 for the next 2 years of that BPL contract? U need to have 600,000 customers to break even with every one of them paying 24.61 per month for 2 years (assuming you spent 350 million bidding for the 2-year contract). The loss you incurred will have to be covered by some other means (maybe your mobile/internet plans) hmm.

I am a little harsh, am sorry (somewhat) but word play don’t work here.






on the brighter side, Starhub will be aggressive in their marketing, and hopefully we can get better value for their products, services.


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