Breaking news: Vandals attack Mini’s Leng Kee Showroom

If you haven’t heard, some vandals spray-painted “Special My Ass” on the glass panels of Mini’s Leng Kee Showroom before speeding away in their getaway vehicle. Before I go on. Have a look at these 2 videos.

The vandals filmed themselves committing that gross act. a note: The user who uploaded this video signed up for a youtube account just to upload this video. This user joined on the 9th of october. the video was also uploaded on the 9th of october. vandals

A bystander managed to catch the action live

I am surprised that STOMP and the Straits Times have not caught on to this yet. If this is an advertisement blitz, I think the advertisers have gone too far. Depicting someone doing something that breaks the law in an advertisement is bad taste. The idea is there, but in Singapore, nahz, conflicts with the society’s norms. I will use this negative example for my 255 project if this indeed is a form of viral advertisement.

However, if this is done with bad intentions from the start, I hope they will get judged terribly for that childish act. There are more amicable ways to solve issues. Vandalising someone else’s property is lousy, seriously lousy.


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