Starhub’s bid to appease subscribers

starhub's bid

Starhub is tweaking some policies in light of the recent loss to Singtel.

In its official press release and a news report in the Straits Times, Starhub’s CEO didn’t except such a overwhelming bid from the red camp that caused Starhub to lose the bid a day after both submitted theirs. Despite that loss, Starhub is still doing what it does quite well; helping customers in need. Despite being humiliated somewhat, Starhub still tries to put its customers’ needs first.

Starhub, in today’s Straits Times, took out a full page ad to explain some details to the roaring football subscribers eager to get Starhub’s solution to this entire situation. Based on the report, Starhub’s stance of not bidding too high is to prevent the increase in costs to subscribers. Either that, or Starhub is willing to lose the rights altogether even though it is a tough decision.

In that full page ad, Starhub has tweaked some policies to allow contracted subscribers to terminate their sports group contract early without incurring any early termination charges. They will also provide help to those who are confused about the issues regarding the 2 different set top boxes via their Hub Trooper service. Finally, Starhub has also set up a dedicated website to hear sports fans voices in light of these events.



Thank you Starhub, for putting customer’s first. I doubted you 7 years ago. Now, my opinions are concrete. You have again gone the extra mile, and provided excellent customer service in trying times. With this business model in mind, you can be sure that customers will flock back to you once you get good content again. In a small market, competition will always be there, but you did good to ensure that customers gets excellent products and services at affordable prices. (Although the red camp say that they will match prices to your plan, this statement is not clear enough if you think through properly and logically.) Don’t worry, people who leave you now, will regret their experiences in the other camp. Just keep your attitudes right, and I am sure your company will rise up and above the waves of change.

However, try your bestest best to continue providing good content for subscribers. Don’t give up on us, the unfaithful ones. 😛 Remember your focus: “StarHub will continue to focus on offering quality content at affordable prices.”

You can hear our roar of disappointment, but you yourself must come up with creative ways to roar against competition, competition that you can easily roar over.


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