(something like) CIP


*Leon is not in this picture. He came later…

Something new happened about a week ago. Our cell went for a community project, not for CIP hours, but just to do something worthwhile on a Sunday afternoon for 2 under-privilege persons. I think this is the first time that our cell leaders organised something like that. It has been a while since I last helped out at someone’s flat. Really good really good. It coincides with the compelling compassion theme after Radical!2009.

A note to myself then too. This is really not about just serving the elderly for the sake or just doing it, but to do it AND see them through God’s eyes, to understand God’s heart about poor and the weak, to have a compassion for them too, to be Christians that not just say they are God’s child but also act out of our overflow, and give out of what we have in excess.

Straight after church, we prepped ourselves, changed into more comfortable, ate a heavy breakfast, then we made our way to block 500 plus. Thanks Alv for the car ride there. 🙂 Waiting for Ho to get somemore stuff for the clean up. Jes briefed us a bit about what to expect when we entered their houses to do the cleanup, the dos and don’ts, etc etc. Jes made it sound as though the elderly man and woman were so strict and fierce. wahaha. Anyway, we prayed, then we chiong-ed up.

In the house, we intro-ed ourselves, say hi, started a small conversation, asked him what he wanted us to clean up, and then we went along on our way. We started ‘site’ surveying. Apart from a few DEAD cockroaches, the house that I was cleaning was relatively clean; the toilet was also quite well maintained. We got down to cleaning and arranging his house. The uncle we were helping out created nice pieces of artwork lah!!. He liked turtles too. He made them by threading small beads onto fishing lines, and tying them together. Very nice lah!. He also had a super cool looking transport system (car). He explained to us that he travels around the neighbourhood using that battery operated machine. This is a cool uncle. 🙂

When we were done with the cleaning part, Jes offered to pray for him, and he accepted gratefully. After the half hokkien half chinese prayer, we were going to say bye, when he started talking about his wife that passed away just a few weeks ago. He started welling up as he shared how she died, what symptoms she had. I mean, he was so quiet at first when we came to help, but now he started opening up. We were trying to contain our emotions too man. I guessed that he was very lonely after that unfortunate loss, but at least all of us that she is in a better place now. We bade our final goodbye, and then we left for a bak chor mee at a nearby hawker centre, celebrated Alv’s birthday too.

This CIP thingy really made me reflect about the multiple complaints I belt out when I am tasked to wash the dishes and do some household chores. We really take our homes (and I mean homes, not houses) for granted. This episode also made me think about the far future when my parents will get way older…will I be able to take their loss easily? I had better treasure them whilst I can.


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