HDTV in Singapore

Was just reminded about the essay that I did about a year ago. An essay that I did quite well in. An essay that summarised my views of the broadcast industry in Singapore, the implementation of policies and why I wanna be part of this great change happening in Singapore. I am so glad to have written that essay in a very reflective way. Reading the entire essay again, I am still quite surprised at the grade given, as this essay is so, erm, so, erm, normal? anyways….

Here is part of my essay.

Hi. I have just acquired a 40-inch Samsung Full High Definition Television(HDTV) set. The glossy black masterpiece turned my humble, dull living room into a mini-theatre, complete with a 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound Home Theatre System. I heard so much about HDTV from tempting advertisements claiming you will never lose sight of the golf ball in the air to sales representatives using beautiful descriptive technical jargons to enlighten (and sometimes even confuse) me. I wanted to see the result for myself.

And the essay goes on and on to talk about the industry on the whole…

After 1 year, 1 year of using this HDTV, my dad bought the HDTV DVB-T decoder. DRACO HDTV 3900. This little set top box changed my reflections in this essay somewhat. Okay, mediacorp’s content is still lacking in some ways, but I am so glad for the resolution/visual upgrade that I am enjoying now. F1 in HD totally rocks can. Comparing it to the normal Channel 5, I am surprised that I could endure the blur-ness of the images on the TV lah. Now, thank you for the visual upgrade. Next, content must improve too yea. Mediacorp, don’t fail me…make me rewrite my reflective essay.

**Advert: Harvey Norman @ Millenia Walk is selling the box for $199 ONLY!!! A total discount of 360 dollars. WHEEEE. Thank you F1 and the road closures for giving me such a great deal.
**Advert: Donut Factory @ Suntec City is selling a box of 12 donuts for $9.90. An almost 50 percent off. WHEEE. Thank you F1 and the road closures again. WAHAHAHA


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