black and white keys

I want my piano again. A digital keyboard will do too. 😛 I really miss it badly now. Although I have a guitar now, I am not proficient in it yet.

I want to touch your polished keys. I wanna run my fingers all over you to produce clanging notes that fill the home with music. I wanna immerse myself in this art once again. Why did I sell it off then? Maybe I wanna get rid of bad memories of the classical music exams, and the bagful of nags that I got from my mum to practice for hours everyday. But now I wanna it back. It is just so hard to sing-a-long to the guitar (for me), unless I start to take more advanced guitar lessons. I wanna sing spontaneous songs to praise my Father in heaven. I wanna compose songs. I wanna take pop/christian/other songs, and redo the covers on the piano. I wanna, I wanna, but I will have to save up money first.

Okay, enough rant for today.


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