COM225 Image & Sound Production – Assignment 1

COM225 Image & Sound Production – ISP Group 2 – Assignment 1
Silent film
Entering/leaving the car

Simple, story line to fit the classical Hollywood cinema model.

This short film is about a princess-y lady who got everything her way, and her way only. She lives life as though she is the only person living on the face of the Earth.

This film opens with Princess Aggy leaving her mansion, totally enjoying herself. She eagerly steps into her hot yellow car, all ready for school. She proceeds to NIE’s carpark. However, since she is late, the carpark is full. She starts to get pissed off and irritated. She then proceeds to another carpark to try her luck. Along the way, she becomes very impatient with the slower drivers, and shows displeasure at them. Lo and behold, there was an empty lot, and Princess Aggy was really happy. However, Mr. T. Cool steals her lot. She angrily stomps out of the car, getting ready to confront Mr Cool. In that confrontation, she falls in love with him, but he rejects her. *ignore the statement at the end of film*

Agnes Chew
Terence Chia

Janie Chee

Director of Photography
Philemon Foo

Pung Wan Qing
Sabbie Koh

“It is not always about the final product, but the entire process to reach that goal that matters.”
We may have a lot of minor issues to improve on, but I am so glad and honoured to be part of this team, a team who really enjoyed the entire process from filming to the final post-production. I am so thankful for that. Thank you everyone who helped out with this assignment yea
We will press on to do even better for the final assignment yea?


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