Some thoughts…

Just had a church-wide worship team teaching session. Was a really long, but really wonderful session with Mich’ael sharing his life testimony and how God helped him with the many hard decisions in his life. Here are some of the points that I can remember. Just thought of recording it down, for future reference.
  1. Just saying the sinner’s prayer is not the only step. In the world today, people get the misconception that salvation is attained when people just say that paragraph and go on living life as per usual. Saying that prayer and meaning it is one thing. We will have to continually and daily surrender our lives to God. How do we do that? Through our daily/regular devotions, prayer time, personal worship to God, we are able to connect to God, and be always doing God’s will. We cannot go on sinning when we have a choice to decide that we want to be a totally different child of God from the rest of our peers. Surrendering to God requires us to take our ‘past’ self, and ‘throw’ it away. We are never perfect, thus God’s grace comes in. Take note of this. If you love God, you wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt someone you love yea.
  2. Like above, being holy, means to be set apart. What is being set apart? Again, it is about being different. Like the examples he gave: he threw away his R&B CDs, he stopped eating certain food, etc. Depending on our calling, we need not be that radical. (but if God says so, go ahead). Start with small steps like not using vulgar language when everyone around us is doing so. Honouring your parents first is another example. Not cheating during tests/exams is another. What everyone else is doing, doesn’t make that particular activity right.
  3. Finally, being in worship team, we tend to get confused with the word worship. He reminded us about it again. Worshipping is not just about singing. Worshipping is about totally obedience to God our father. No examples needed here yea. Obvious stuff. 🙂 Worship really begins when we actually leave the church to go about our daily activities.

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