Interior – Digital Climatic AirCon Control Panel – (Hyundai Avante 2006)

This is just the start of the many posts that I will be dedicating to evaluating this particular Korean car that has served us well. Hyundai Avante 2006 spec-ed. We bought it when the avante was not classified into S or no S. We bought it at that time when we didn’t have a choice of interior colours, or even the colours of the leather seats. We had no manual versions to choose from, no different trim levels to choose from. That’s how old the car is now (almost 3 years already)

So now here is the review of the digital climatic air-con control panel with some pictures to makes things clearer. Now, with different trim levels available, I think this digital climatic aircon thingy is not available for the manual versions, and the non-S version for the automatic.

You may ask what is the hoo haa over this system, and whether it is really worth it. Also some people do ask me whether the ‘engravings’ on the buttons will wear out after a while. Or whether the buttons will turn super yellow.

For me, I think I prefer this system as compared to the knob-by controls which clicks and clacks everytime you move the knobs. Also, the design of the fully digital aircon panel is so futuristic la. The LCD panel is continuously lit in soothing blue and the buttons will also light up when the headlights are switched on.


The LCD panel is so uncluttered, and gives u a summary of the settings at one glance. The fonts are nice, not too uncle too. And after 3 years, the panel is still as clear, and not showing any signs of degrading. I think that there is an antiglare coating on the screen too.


So here is the wider shot of the panel itself. This picture is not really clear, cause the car was parked in a dark location. The buttons are very very slightly discoloured (sun damage), but to an untrained eye, they will still seem white/transparent.

On the left side (from topleft to bottom right): Front windscreen demister, back demister, to lower temperature setting, to increase temperature setting, AUTO, and aircon & fan OFF.

The auto here is interesting. This setting will decide the fan speed for you based on the temperature you set, and if i am not wrong, it will open or close the external vents depending on your road speed. You can choose which setting that you do not want the AUTO to control. By clicking on the ‘vent’ button, the auto will disengage for the external vents, but the auto mode will still control your internal vents and your fan speed.

On the right side (from topleft to bottom right): ON/OFF compressor, open/close external vents (activates silently), fan speed down, fan speed up, scroll thru the modes (between upper internal vents, foot well vents, aircon with demisters, etc)

I hope this helps….


7 thoughts on “Interior – Digital Climatic AirCon Control Panel – (Hyundai Avante 2006)

  1. Why my aircon got foul smell when I turn it on. The smell like stinky sweat, not able to removed from the air con system. I had replaced new filter & repump new air con gas, but the smell was only can temporary removed, after sometimes the foul stinky smell came back. Pls help me!

    • THis normally happens when you use car refresheners in your car. Replacing the filter normally takes the smell away. However, if your vents and tubings are coated with fungi already, changing the filter won’t help. For now, remove all forms of perfumes, refresheners from your car. Blast your aircon @ the maximum (hottest) temperature it can go (should be 30 degrees celcius), and turn up the fan speed to maximum for about 15 minutes.

      Try it, and update me?

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