com204 exams & ee8084 exams

I had 2 papers on this fateful monday. 🙂 Com204 and Ee8084. Both subjects required alot of memorising.

Com 204 were just fine, not say very good not say very bad. Quite scared about the ‘lead’ part as it takes up 20% of the exam paper. Just one sentence, that sentence can make or break you. Seeing how Bala marked my previous assignments, i do have to be afraid. haha

The first part was fine; just regurgitation of facts and what not.

Anyway, I will just leave it up to God bah.

Now to EE8084. Surprisingly, the paper was quite easy and straightforward, for most of the paper. Only the last part of the MCQ part were alittle confusing and the MCQ answers were so close to each other. The short answer part was super easy bah. The whole Flora (part 2) was just calculations. Lovely. Just hope that I don’t make careless mistakes bah.

Hopefully, my answers meet their standards.

Tts all, I will go RSing now (Restaurant City) .:)


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