Hyundai is 2nd for march


Hyundai sold 260 more cars than Honda last month, rising to be the 2nd top selling brand in Singapore for the Month of March.

I just had to stop studying and look closely at this statistics. This tabulated data was taken from

The Korean makers are catching up with “value-for-money” cars, with excellent interior build quality and class-leading specifications. They do have some improvements to make if they want to catch up even more, but hey, statistics don’t lie. Hyundai doubled its sales volume by almost 2.5 times. To me, this is mostly due to the i30 and the Avante. Those two cars are miles apart from Hyundai’s previous offerings. I am not surprised at this jump myself. In this economic downturn, people are turning to value-for-money cars (but should you still be buying cars?…hmmmm).

Now, back to the statistics, Toyota has super many Parallel importers, whilst Hyundai distributes its cars via Komoco ONLY. So looking at this sales volume, if Hyundai has Parallel Importers too, the numbers MAY just be the same. woohoo.

Brings me back to the days (2.5 years ago), when my dad and I were going around looking for our first car purchase. The brand Hyundai wasn’t even in our minds then, but the Avante was just launched 2 weeks before, thus just being curious, we went into the showroom (Komoco Alexandra). my my, we were pleasantly surprised at the build quality, the quietness of the cabin, the class-leading spaciousness. We were so tempted to place our deposit then. But hey, being smart or ‘smart’, we went to the Toyota side (alexandra). Once again, no surprise, we were ignored til we went to the counter and asked for a sale executive to serve us. Went for a testdrive, and yucks, the differences were apparent, noise intrusion was unbearable esp during light acceleration. The woo woo sound keep irritating us. The suspension was way too hard for our liking. The plastics used were terribly plastic, hard plastic.

To cut the long story short, we signed the deal the next week; for a spanking new steel grey avante.

It wasn’t a wrong choice after all. Fuel economy was the main factor for us when we were choosing the car then. Although avante wasn’t really tested by users yet(car just launched 2 weeks ago), we trusted the news reports and preliminary user data. Til now, fuel economy is still around 12km/l (using ESSO 95-i will leave the review of petrol brands for another time). No major breakdowns. In fact, no breakdowns at all. Just the battery, but that was a mistake on our part.

A last note, in america, Hyundai Motor Company provides 10-year comprehensive warranty on their vehicles (i30 and Avante). That should speak quality and assurance. Try it, before you put down Korean cars. Before I buy my next car, I will try Toyota also. Must be fair.


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