life after the incident

Life goes on as usual in NTU. Everything seems normal now, without the police, emergency ambulance crew, multitude of reporters and curious onlookers. The stains have been wiped off. Nothing that points to the tragic incident are still lying around.

Just two days ago, a student stabbed his supervising professor before falling off a 5-storey building to his death.

I didn’t think this type of daring attack and sad incident was ever going to happen in a Singapore university, much less Nanyang Technological University. When news reached my ears at 11am during one of my tutorials, my heart didn’t want to believe it at all. I was totally taken aback and shocked somewhat as I only hear news like that happen overseas.

Seeing all the news reports, and having compiled a non-exhaustive list of articles [1][2] (the no. keep increasing, and I can’t keep up with the updating), I am somewhat ‘traumatised’. I couldn’t really sleep last night as the images kept flashing through my mind. I’m fine now though. I couldn’t even study properly, as I was busy surfing around for more information about this case. Despite being in the SCDF/PAD/MMT department for almost 2 years, seeing pictures/videos of incident turn-outs, I am still affected somewhat by this incident as it happened so so very very close to ‘home’ (WKWSCI)

I totally feel for the parents/family members of the deceased. They would have expected their son to come home with a nice degree certificate in less than half a year, and now they will have to see him this way. The bright future ahead of him, shattered by a few wrong decisions. Apparently, he lost the scholarship status, which caused his behaviour to change slowly but surely. His studies/grades starting degrading too. Why did no one notice the warning signs? Could such a drastic change be ignored by his close friends/tutors/lecturers/professors?

Let there be no copycats who get ‘inspired’ by this. That’s my reflection before I proceed to my nice bed to have my rest to be awake for tmr’s 202 (Info Literacy) quiz that weighs heavily at 20% of my final grade.


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