i have a dream

I have a dream and I will want to start, from this day on, recording the dreams I have. I want to document my dreams in the best way, and most descriptive way I can. Just in case I need to refer back to that dream, or when I encounter a ‘Deja Vu’ incident. 

Here is my dream…There is no head, there is no tail, in no chronological order. Ignore my grammar, just rambling before i forget the images

Either we(my dad and I) stole/bought a honda civic, but we have a Honda Civic in my dream. Location is in my house carpark, with lots of construction work going on for an unknown reason. Time is about 8-9pm as the sky was dark and cloudy. The salesman is at my house for some unknown reason; my dad and mum is entertaining him supposedly, whilst i enjoy the car downstairs at the open-air carpark. As I was enjoying the car, some random kids kept disturbing me, opening the doors and I got irritated that I locked the doors and drove to another part of the carpark. I carried on driving around in the carpark to test the ESP, ABS, turning radius, etc. My dad came down and I explained to him how good ESP(electronic stability program) for the Honda Civic is. Our current Hyundai Avante was still in the carpark in one of the last shots of my dream.


That’s all. Glad I documented this. I don’t know the reason, I don’t know what is it about. But at least it is documented.


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