avante vs ……. part 2

a more indepth, photo-intensive review coming to you soon.


p.s. I can’t change anyone, and I also do not want convert anyone from ‘whatever’ brands to the Hyundai one. I am just penning down my thoughts about the different cars. And I do not lie, unless it is really an honest mistake. And it is true, the models before the Avante were terrible : rubbish fuel economy, rubbish interior quality, rubbish everything, except affordability. But when the Avante came out (and now the i30, i20, i10), everything changed. Hyundai decided to make cars that are affordable, without all the rubbish stuff as before. They have much to improve on, but at least Hyundai is trying.

Go read, Torque’s reviews on i30, avante….
Go read, Topgear’s reviews on i30, avante….
Go read, whatever magazines’ reviews on i30, avante….

if you do not ‘trust’ my personal opinions….but anyway, everyone also has their fair right to make FAIR comments….


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