Avante vs. Altis

edit: My other articles here. However, please do read on if you wanna read about the comparison between altis and the avante.

The words below are of honest opinions based on no other materials except facts and my own experience. Personal opinions and reviews about these two cars. Contact me if there are any untruths/you disagree with any of the facts in here.



My dad owns the Hyundai Avante 1.6 (2006). And if you seriously would like to know how I got my hands on the Toyota Altis 1.6 (2006), take a look at the earlier post. I will skip the explaining and get straight to the point.

Hyundai Avante 1.6 GLS S (A) specifications (from http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_specs.php?CarCode=10356)
Engine capacity 1,591 cc
Engine type 1.6 DOHC CVVT
Power 121 bhp / 6000rpm
Torque (edit) 152 Nm/4200rpm
Acceleration 12.2s (0-100kmh)
Top Speed 153kmh
Misc technical data
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Drive type FWD
Dimensions (L x W x H) (4505 x 1775 x 1490)mm
Wheelbase 2,650mm
Min turning radius 5,170mm
Kerb weight 1,172kg
Fuel tank capacity 53L
Brakes (Front) Ventilated disc
Brakes (Rear) Disc
Suspension (Front) MacPherson strut type
Suspension (Rear) Multi-link type with stabilizer bar

Below: Corolla Altis 1.6 (2006) Specifications

r Type

4 Door Saloon/Sedan

Engine Capacity

1598 cc

Engine Layout






Max Power

110 Bhp / 6000 rpm

Max Torque

150 Nm / 3800 rpm


11.7 secs

Top Speed

185 km/h



Curb Weight

1175 kg

Power to Weight



68.8 bhp/litre


4530 mm


1705 mm


2600 mm

Turning Radius

5.2 m

Boot Capacity


Front Brakes

Ventilated Discs

Rear Brakes


Front Suspension

MacPherson Strut

Rear Suspension

Torsion Beam

Fuel Capacity

55 litres

Just by looking at the above theoretical stats, the hyundai avante engine is so much more powerful whether it is in terms of torque or max power. Avante’s power to weight ratio is way above Altis’ one. This translate to better performance from the Avante’s CVVT engine, compared to the Altis’ VVT-i engine.

With that said, the Altis do have the faster INITIAL acceleration from 0-40km/l as the max torque of 150NM kicks in at 3800 RPM, compared to Avante’s 153NM at 4200 RPM. However, if you accelerate both of the cars at a fixed 2000RPM, the Altis will seem more sluggish. (edit)–> I did a comparison at 2k RPM as that is purported to the most fuel efficient RPM to accelerate in. But this also depends on different types of engines.

On a side note, Avante takes 12.2s for (0-100kmh). Altis will take 11.7 secs.

This comparison can not be based on just technical specifications. You will have to sit in both cars for a period of time, experiencing it yourself. Almost immediately, I felt that the Avante had the softer suspension setup, compared to the Altis. I didn’t have the chance to push the cars to the limits on bumpy roads/winding roads, but I did have some fun doing corners at higher-than-normal speeds. Avante had more body roll which will make the novice driver feel insecure, but it handled the corner well and tracked excellently. Altis had a more stable turn with less body roll, but it made me feel insecure as the tyres were showing signs of slipping. To be fair, the Altis had 10000km more on the Odo. Depending on drivers’ tastes, both cars will work fine in normal day driving. This disparity may be also due to the different suspension setup; Altis having the rear torsion bar, Avante having the multi-linked setup. Wikipedia has loads of information about this.

Both cars have their share of noise ‘seeping’ into the passenger compartment. Altis have the loud cow-like sound together with baby-whining sounds seeping in from the engine compartment area, through the dashboard, into the passenger compartment. For me, I can’t stand this type of noise pollution. Everytime I accelerated to overtake slower cars on lane 2(expressways), the whine kicks in, the engine gets loud, without the kick from the ‘kickdown’. Avante does better in this area. The intrusion of noise is kept at the minimal, except during really hard acceleration, but at least the engine note sounds nicer than the moo moo sounds of the Altis (personal preference). FYI, after about 10000km, the stock tyres will become quite noisy. If you look around the car, the Avante has more soundproofing materials installed. The boot/doors all seem firmer than the Altis. There are no creaking sounds/tin can sounds from the Avante so far(about 3 years old). The Altis that I had, had rattling noises, creaking sounds when I open/close the boot.

All have the simple 2-airbag setup, which is quite enough for SG’s roads. Something that I always whine about is that why the US/Korea version of the Avante has the full set of 6 airbags. Sad. Something different between the Avante and Altis is that in the Avante’s doors, there are two thick and strong iron bars in place to prevent side impact intrusions. My father experienced the effectiveness of those safety bars in the recent case when a catering lorry hit the car.

Both have their good points here. Altis has the flat rear floor, whilst the Avante is wider and longer. Nothing much to say here except that the build quality of the Avante surely surpasses the Japanese’s Altis. Sit in them, test drive them, and you will know the difference.

This is the most important point that I will be making. For years, Hyundai had to content with inefficient engines in their older ranges of cars, including Matrix, Accent, Elantras, etc etc. I hope this post will totally change your mind. Do not let the past hinder Hyundai’s growth. I am really serious about this. The Avante is proven to have better fuel economy that most of Toyota’s cars in the 1.6l range. I’m serious. On average, my dad’s Avante can reach almost 13km/l(depends on driving style) whilst the Altis can only do 10-11km/l. This is really true. Do ask around.(a poll was carried out in avante’s forums which I frequent too – http://www.clubhyundai.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=30082&start=0&hilit=fuel+economy&view=viewpoll) Give the new Hyundai’s range a chance and you will notice the difference. The king of fuel economy doesn’t always have to be stuck on one brand.

For me at least, I vow not to buy a Toyota until something improves. Hyundai Avante is so much cheaper and does so much more. The Korean carmaker sure do have stuff to improve on too, like their suspension setup, but at least they are trying to do it. tt’s all for now. Enough said. haha


5 thoughts on “Avante vs. Altis

    • My car is a 2008 Avante. My car has no modifications at all and is only maintain by the agent till today (2011). The top speed is not 153KM but 185KM. Based on a full tank and a civilise way of driving, FC wise,believe it or not, I am able to achieve almost 700KM until the light comes on.

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