ee8084 – cyber security. The course that I wanted to do since year 1 sem 1. Didn’t have any vacancies the previous semester. And by the time it came for the year 1s to do their subject registration, there was only one slot left. And, I didn’t get it obviously. So I in a way gave up the fighting spirit, and didn’t want to fight/camp for a place in ee8084, a science General Education Requirements Prescribed Electives (GERPE).

All was lost until yesterday when I heard that Pedro wanted to drop the course. I jumped on that opportunity, got his contact number and liased with him for him to drop, whilst I will add that course. I waited til about an hour ago, when he was free. I thought that it would be a uneventful swop, with he dropping the course, and I adding that course. It didn’t work out. Someone must have been using a script to auto-click or auto-add that course. hehe.

Then, I started camping. ‘ADD COURSE’ – ‘35601’ – ‘confirm to add course’ – ‘35601 has no more vacancies’. The cycle repeated itself quite a few times. In fact, for about 1/2 and hour, I was silly enough to keep camping. Good thing Job was there to encourage me to continue camping, if not I would have given up a long time ago. I tried and tried. Really demoralising sometimes. The super laggy STARS server isn’t helping at all too.

I said a little prayer, “God, help me get this, in Jesus’ name I pray….” At the instant end of the prayer, a little msg appeared on the screen. “35601 has been successfully added” I shouted at about 80db man, for like 0.3 ms.

The way in which God works sometimes intrigues me. Thank You!



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